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The Envirosun TS Plus 300 litre, 2 panel thermosyphon solar hot water heater is a superior made hot water unit, with the roof mounted cylinder manufactured in Holland from high grade 444 Stainless Steel for a longer life expectancy comes with 2 high solar absorption solar collector panels. These solar panels are available in 2 different size, the 2BC panel is 2m2 and the 25BC panel is 2.5m2 in size giving you a solar collection area of 4m2 and a whopping 5m2 , 20% larger than most other brands for solar hot water systems on the market.

The Envirosun TS Plus comes with 7 year tank and panel warranties

Envirosun’s Thermosiphon System (TS Plus) is one of the most advanced solar hot water systems available in todays market, offering a extremely high efficiency rate and a cost effective solution for most domestic homes. The hot water storage cylinder and the solar collector panels are roof-mounted together as one seamless combined unit. Water is heated in the flat plate solar collector, and natural convection of hot water rising moves the water through the system into an insulated storage tank located above the solar panels on the right hand side as cooler water from the tank falls from the left into the lowest part of the solar panels, minimising any energy required.  This design has been in roof mounted solar water heaters since the development of solar water heating and outperforms other types of systems and offers a superior level of efficient, economical water heating. The clever design and engineering of the Envirosun Thermosiphon System utilises the strongest materials and state-of-the-art tank protection valves and systems to ensure a long operating life in all environments, from the freezing temperatures to extreme heat.  The latest cutting edge technology and the cumulative advancements of Envirosun’s 25 years industry experience combine to offer the ultimate in durability, reliability and affordability.

Envirosun is a Western Australian owned company that is operated with true family values and integrity,  they have the highest level of quality control which makes the Envirosun Solar Hot Water choice a smart one, rather than the foreign owned, multi national corporation run solar hot water manufactures

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